Source: VF5FS Home Release Tied in with VF6, Arcade Hardware Announcements

Source: VF5FS Home Release Tied in with VF6, Arcade Hardware Announcements

by September 13, 2011

Arcade Floodgates Could Open if Game Sells

We promised Virtua Fighter news from our inside source, and here it is. In addition to the other nuggets we’ve reported in recent days, the source–the same one who confirmed to us last year Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown would be coming to consoles in the first place, we should add–says it’s taken this long because Sega will tie in the home release with major news next year regarding its flagship fighter.

Specifically, our source says that around the time of Final Showdown‘s digital release, Sega will formally unveil its next arcade hardware, along with the next Virtua Fighter presumably running on it, simply called Virtua Fighter 6 by our insider.  If it pans, if nothing else, it’s good to see that Sega still believes in the arcade as a viable gaming option.

In fact, we’re quite lucky to see Final Showdown come West at all.  Our source says a retail release was originally planned, but Sega West insisted on a digital release, weary of trying to strategize a more formal launch.  That may be why, despite being released to XBOX 360, another Sega fighter, Virtual On: Force, was confined to Japan, so says our tipster.

If that’s not enough reason to support Final Showdown when released next Summer, this should be: Our source indicated that should VF5FS sell well, the company would consider releasing Border Break on both XBOX 360 and PS3 similarly through online distribution.  Border Break has never seen a domestic release, and it’s not clear whether in such a situation the release would be limited to just Japan.

We’re not done yet.  Tomorrow, we’ll give you an idea of what else Sega could bring to current consoles from the Dreamcast era, as well as whether the company may go deeper into their IP vault for re-release consideration.