Inside Internal Expectations for Sega’s Upcoming Franchises

Inside Internal Expectations for Sega’s Upcoming Franchises

by September 15, 2011

Which Games Show Promise?  What Others Will be Left to Die?

As of this article’s publication, we will be in the midst of the Tokyo Game Show’s first day for business and media personnel.  Sega is showing a ton of titles at this year’s show, but what of those does the company want to see succeed the most?

In the last of our series of stories (for now) stemming from a wealth of information an inside source provided us last week, we have some insight on how Sega sees its non-Sonic upcoming fare stacking up.  If you’ve been paying attention to some of the promotion, some of what we’re sharing now shouldn’t be that shocking.

Our source says that Sega is gearing up for Binary Domain to be one of its next major franchises, but due to shareholder uncertainty on how well the game will sell, no green light has been given internally for a sequel yet.  We also know from our source that Sega expects Aliens: Colonial Marines to be the company’s biggest seller next year.  That, above all else, may indicate not to expect much with Sonic fare in 2012.

Elsewhere, the future fate of both Renegade Ops and Rise of Nightmares depends on sales.  Both could be given sequel orders if proven successful.

Despite a new trailer being released for it just a few hours ago, our source says Sega is preparing for Platinum Games’s Anarchy Reigns to bomb, with heavy losses expected on the title.

So, for now, that’s what we know from Sega minus one final tidbit that we’re looking into a bit deeper.  Bits of what we’ve shared the past week should creep up during the Tokyo Game Show.  Danny Russell is gathering information from the show floor.  Stay with TSSZ for coverage throughout, as we are again the only Sonic and Sega news source with a reporter at the show.