Classic Homing Attack Confirmed in Sonic Generations 3DS

Classic Homing Attack Confirmed in Sonic Generations 3DS

by September 16, 2011

Radical Highway Also Confirmed in 3DS, Emerald Coast a Legit Stage

TSSZ has confirmed through sources that the homing attack seen here during Classic Sonic gameplay on Sonic Generations 3DS is indeed a legitimate in-game feature–a blow to the more discriminate fans among us.  We’re not beating around the bush with this information; it is the real deal.

We can confirm that a new build of the game circulating at the Tokyo Game Show includes the ability for classic Sonic to perform a homing attack.  We’re not sure if the ability is given from the beginning or is earned in-game.  Also, to be clear, classic Sonic’s console counterpart lacks such a feature on the XBOX 360 and PS3 editions of Generations.

In addition, TSSZ can confirm that Radical Highway Zone from Sonic Adventure 2 will be included in the 3DS version.  We can also confirm that Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure is a proper action stage in the 3DS version, and not a side mission or mini-game.

Finally, some of you noticed the dots on this screenshot from the 3DS edition we posted earlier in the morning.  Those appeared to indicate stages, and indeed we’ve learned they do, though it may be combination of action and boss levels.  So, if there are eleven dots, there could, ideally, be up to five more levels yet to be revealed.  That said, the rest is likely to be a combination of action stages and boss areas.  So, realistically, we may only have two, maybe three more proper levels yet to be revealed in Generations 3DS.

That is what we know right now.  We will of course bring you any new media as soon as it becomes available.