TGS: Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshots

TGS: Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshots

by September 16, 2011

HD Screens of Sonic Team’s PC RPG

Depending on who you read, this may not be new to you.  But it’s new to us, and for most of our audience it should be.

They are the TGS press assets from Phantasy Star Online 2, which technically remains a Sonic Team title, and will be released in Japan on the PC.  There’s no indication we could see it stateside yet but consider that this is one of Sega’s larger titles at the show…and also keep in mind that PS popularity in Japan far surpasses what exists in the West.

Take a look at ten shots released specifically for TGS in the gallery below.  Danny Russell continues to gather new media and information from the show floor, and we will have updates from him as they come in.