SAGE 2011 Now Open; Taxman to SAGECast Friday

SAGE 2011 Now Open; Taxman to SAGECast Friday

by September 18, 2011

More than 30 Fan Games on Display

The 2011 Sonic Amateur Games Expo opened early Sunday for fans to browse.

This year, some 33 fan games, nearly all of them Sonic related, are on display.  Some well known favorites like Sonic Axiom, Sonic Fusion, Sonic Time Twisted and others make a return appearance.  Other projects like the SonicGDK make their first SAGE appearance.  Stealth’s E:02 engine is also on display after a couple years mostly out of the limelight.

We were given a heads-up to the base event schedule last week, but with today’s opening there is one major addition: Christian Whitehead, knwn as Taxman, the man behind the Retro Software Development Kit and the soon to be released Sonic CD revision for multiple platforms, will be in for a SAGEcast Friday at 9PM ET.  It is his first interview since news of the Sonic CD re-release.  That is sure to be a significant community event, and we will be sure to cover anything that comes out of it.

In the meantime, however, be prepared for a bevy of booth overviews in the coming days here on TSSZ.  We also have a poll active right now asking you to vote for the best game on display at SAGE.  And Ryan Bloom will again be doing his quick reviews of the games.  It’s sure to be an exciting week, and we hope you’ll be with us for it all.