SAGE 2011: Taxman panel canceled

SAGE 2011: Taxman panel canceled

by September 21, 2011

Christian Whitehead backs out

Mum’s the word about Sonic CD it seems, as a planned panel for the Sonic Amateur Games Expo where Retro Engine developer Christian Whitehead (better known in the community by the handle “Taxman”) was scheduled to speak has officially been canceled. Though no reason was given in the official SAGE Events thread on Sonic Fangames HQ, friend of Whitehead, Brad Flick, clarified in the official SAGE chat channel:

[Slingerland] you guys know that the Taxman panel on Friday is off, right?
[DJEAR] lame.
[Slingerland] well, what did you expect?
[StevenM] No Taxman is a shame
[StevenM] What’s the reason for that?
[Slingerland] StevenM: Tax tentatively agreed to it, but then SEGA advised against it.
[Slingerland] I thought it was a bad idea
[StevenM] Oh well
[Slingerland] all you guys are going to ask him are questions he can’t answer
[Slingerland] it’ll be the most worthless panel ever
[Shadix] I actually agree with this
[Shadix] in retrospect
[Shadix] It was illadvised. I originally talked to him because I wanted him to talk about fangaming and retrosonic, but there was no way we were going to keep that going with SCD

Currently a “fangame event” is scheduled to replace the panel’s time slot, though details on this event have not been revealed. Should any further details come forth, we will let you know.