IGN, Others to See Sonic Generations Ad Dollars, Tie-Ins

IGN, Others to See Sonic Generations Ad Dollars, Tie-Ins

by September 26, 2011

Before You Read Those Glowing Previews & Reviews…

There’s probably a good reason IGN was so hyped about what’s expected to be a very positive Sonic Generations preview released later today, and why we should expect at least a couple other ones that similarly glow.

A report in the latest UK based MCV magazine, relayed to the Internet by Sonic Wrecks, says Sega will be spending a fair amount of advertising dollars in the lead-up to Generations‘s launch to promote the game.  That budget will include a three month sponsorship of The Simpsons on SKY Television in the UK starting this Saturday, October 1st.  But it will also include other game tie-ins, including one planned for December on the UK’s Cartoon Network, and other “takeovers” on several websites.  IGN, Eurogamer and Gamespot are among the reported advertising targets.

Why should you care?  It sets up the perception such positivity has been bought, and should any version of Generations fall short, especially in the case of Gamespot, it could make for an awkward if not messy situation.  Consider the case of Jeff Gerstmann, now of GiantBomb.com.  Gerstmann was a more than 10 year veteran of Gamespot when, after delivering a poor review of Eidos’s Kane and Lynch, he was fired by parent company CNET in 2007 without rhyme or reason.  Rumors swirled that Gerstmann’s termination was due to Eidos exerting pressure on CNET, as they had a lucrative advertising deal with Gamespot.  Four other Gamespot editors resigned in wake of the scandal.

Given that the 3DS version of Generations is still on shaky ground with most, we could see a situation where that edition, if not both, see inflated scores they may not deserve.  On the other hand, if one or both see poor scores on the aforementioned sites, Sega could use the almighty dollar to cry foul.  We may be telling you this for naught in the end, but already, something doesn’t smell right.