Two More Sonic Generations Speed Highway Screenshots

Two More Sonic Generations Speed Highway Screenshots

by October 5, 2011

And a Taste of the Game from a New Preview

From the community’s own Svend Joscelyne comes a new preview of Sonic Generations from, and with it a couple new screenshots to the console edition’s Speed Highway.

In the preview, Joscelyne explains the stage’s layout, and also clarifies how the game’s missions will work.  Note the term “optional” within:

In Speed Highway, classic Sonic is slung down a gravity-defying road that impressively translates the multiple roads seen in the Dreamcast original on a 2D plane. Running inside a hotel and down the inside stairs before crashing below and whizzing yourself around a conveyor belt contraption, upside down and into a rocket.


Inbetween these stages, you’ll get the opportunity to play optional missions. There are five missions for both Classic and Modern Sonic in each zone, and will mix up the core stage in some form. Other characters will take an active role in helping you out, but for now we only know of Tails’ involvement in these levels. A mission called ‘Way Past Fast’ sees you race against the Tornado plane, piloted by the two-tailed fox.
Other missions include Doppelganger races, against another Sonic, and a mission called ‘Look Out Below’ which challenges you to complete a remixed Green Hill Zone stage with breakable platforms. In each of these, the main elements of the core stage remains the same, but enemy placements will change and you may even explore completely different looking areas than you would in the main level.

You can check out Svend’s preview for Spong at the above cited link.  You can also check out the new Speed Highway screenshots, watermarked, below in the gallery.