Report: Sega Considered Jaleel White to Voice Classic Sonic in Generations

Report: Sega Considered Jaleel White to Voice Classic Sonic in Generations

by October 6, 2011

If So, How did they Fail where a Fan Movie Didn’t?

We’re honestly not sure if Aaron Webber was playing around or serious when he told Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo the company sought the services of Jaleel White as a possible voice to classic Sonic in Sonic Generations, given the article’s humorous tone.

Still, here is the passage that has a lot of Sonic fans talking:

Oh, Webber told me, maybe they could have had Classic Sonic talk, if only they’d gotten actor Jaleel White on board. I didn’t know that White—better known as the nerdy Urkel in the 90’s sitcom “Family Matters”—had played classic Sonic in a bunch of cartoons. He did. HE would have been appropriate, but Sega couldn’t get him. Thus mute Classic Sonic will have to listen to Modern Sonic yammer on.

The “cartoons” Totilo is referring to are the first three domestic Sonic animated series, including the syndicated Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, the ABC Saturday morning series, and later Sonic Underground.

Even more noteworthy in Sega falling short of the get is the reminder a fan moviemaker pulled off the same feat months ago.  Eddie Lebron, who is developing Sonic into a fan film, is working with White, who will voice the CGI hedgehog equivalent in-film.

That said, those lines are likely recorded, and with roles in House among other things at present, White simply may not have the time.  And there are those who will insist classic Sonic should remain mute, even with the option of a classic voice.  Would you have an interest in hearing Jaleel White reprise his role via Classic Sonic in Generations?  Tell us below in the comments.