Original Daytona USA Confirmed for XBOX Live, PSN

Original Daytona USA Confirmed for XBOX Live, PSN

by October 12, 2011

Fly Sky High in a Couple of Weeks, Trailer Inside

The original arcade classic will be coming to a couple current consoles with its original name intact.

Sega today made official the pending release of Daytona USA to both XBOX Live and Playstation Network.  The former gets it first on October 25th, the latter a day later.  Both come at a equivalent cost of about $10.  Europe will see the game released sometime next month.

The game, apparently derived from its original arcade version, has been upgraded for 16×9 resolution, will support for up to 8 players simultaneously online, and include several game modes, including a very intriguing Karaoke Mode.

With all that in mind, Let’s Go Away to this trailer Sega released as part of the big announcement, it’s below.