Webber on Classic Sonic Homing Attack in Generations 3DS: “I Can’t Speak More to It”

Webber on Classic Sonic Homing Attack in Generations 3DS: “I Can’t Speak More to It”

by October 13, 2011

But Hints at Feature as Possible Upgrade

The first day of New York Comic Con is wrapping up this evening, and before it did, TSSZ briefly spoke to Sonic Generations Associate Brand Manager Aaron Webber about one little nugget of concern about the game’s 3DS edition: The confirmation classic Sonic will have a homing attack in-game.  (It is now irrefutably legitimate, the demo on the show floor contains it.)

“What I can say with the homing attack is that…I would not start assuming that it’s in the entire game from the very beginning,” Webber said when we asked why it was included.  “I can’t speak more to it.  I really wish I could so I could start to take care of some of these concerns.”

“It’s not quite what you’re thinking,” Webber assured me in our brief interview this evening.

When I asked the thought process that went into including the homing attack for classic Sonic, Webber noted “There’s always a thought process,” then quickly turned his response into a de facto no comment, saying he couldn’t talk about it “to any level.”

At that point, another Sega representative pulled Webber away due to another press appointment, and our conversation ended abruptly.  But he’ll be around through the weekend and we’ll try to catch up with him for follow-up questions and other matters related to Generations later on.

So, the bottom line: It’s on the show floor, it is in, but Webber seemed to nudge the possibility of it being an upgrade in-game.  More updates direct from the New York Comic Con are coming throughout the weekend.  By the way, a fair bit of you are not going to be pleased with how this homing attack works in-game.