New Video: CNet Sonic Generations Preview

New Video: CNet Sonic Generations Preview

by October 14, 2011

Direct Footage of Modern Sky Sanctuary, Seaside Hill, and more Awaits

CNet today published edition 61 of its preGame program, and it includes a lengthy look at Sonic Generations, with Aaron Webber in the radio booth guiding all along. This looks to be pre-Comic Con, for reference.

For the complete experience, skip to about 10 minutes in, as the good stuff is preceded by a Batman: Arkham City preview.  Modern Sky Sanctuary begins at about 21:45 in, and then Seaside Hill starts at about 26 minutes in, and you will get both modern and classic variants.  It’s all direct feed footage, so you will get a good look at everything.  The Death Egg Robot boss stage can also be seen in similar form at about 36:40.

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