RUMOR: Sonic Generations 3DS Delayed to 2012

RUMOR: Sonic Generations 3DS Delayed to 2012

by October 14, 2011

Portable Edition Receives Reprieve?

This would be fairly significant if it pans out.  GamesRadar is hearing from, in their words, “a reliable source,” who claims Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS may be delayed into early next year.

If it holds, that means Nintendo fans would miss out on their special edition in time for the Holiday season–and Sega would miss out on that Holiday sales boost.

It is difficult to believe this, seeing as the build on display at New York Comic Con appears very far along, and given how Japan has cemented concrete December release dates for both.  But it would not be the first time Sega has done such a thing with its 3DS fare.  Shinobi on the system was delayed earlier this year, and many believed it was due to poor system sales.  In addition, judging from what is on display at the show, the 3DS version certainly could use some extra time to iron out some issues.

GamesRadar also speculated Sega may be doing this to tie in to a possible later Generations release for the Playstation Vita.  You’ve heard murmurs of that mysterious port before.

We will ask Sega representatives at NYCC tomorrow if they know anything about this rumored delay.  For the moment, we’ll keep it at just that: Rumor.  Thanks to Yasir and SAC Martin for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking Send News Tips at the top of every page.