NYCC: Sonic Generations 3DS Demo Swapped Out

NYCC: Sonic Generations 3DS Demo Swapped Out

by October 15, 2011

Now Only Green Hill, Mushroom Hill Playable

Maybe it was that news of the homing attack’s public availability Thursday evening that compelled Sega representatives on the floor of New York Comic Con to swap the public demo to an earlier build.

We checked out the kiosk Saturday afternoon and to our surprise, only Green Hill, Mushroom Hill, and the boss stage were available to play.  There was no sight of Casino Night, Emerald Coast, Radical Highway, or the Metal Sonic race anywhere.

Because we weren’t around Friday, it’s hard to tell whether the change was immediately made after Thursday’s preview day.  But to Sega’s PR credit, they may have changed it out because, frankly, the early build plays better.

City Escape remains the only console stage being shown at the back of Archie’s booth.  There are lines for both kiosks today, but Sega representatives aren’t allowing off-screen video for either edition, which will be respected.

I’ll continue to bring you as much as possible.  I did manage about 15 minutes with Aaron Webber this afternoon, and that audio interview will be going up later tonight.