NYCC: Aaron Webber Interview

NYCC: Aaron Webber Interview

by October 16, 2011

About that Homing Attack…

I’m back from Saturday’s very busy New York Comic Con, which contained far more attendees versus Thursday, and far more individuals itching to play both versions of Sonic Generations; there were lines to endure today.

After I took another crack at City Escape, Aaron Webber took some time with me to say what he could about the game and certain controversies surrounding it.  I grill him as best I can concerning the classic homing attack for 3DS, and other matters, like PC features, Mission Mode, why Sonic 3 was blatantly left out of the level selection, and more.  You can also hear Webber’s complete response as to why the Collector’s Edition won’t be coming to domestic shores, and also laugh as I attempt to pronounce the word “territory.”  Now you know why I don’t do regular radio anymore.

That’s below in the more than 13 minute interview which was, interestingly enough, cut short again from other Sega reps in the vicinity having to divert his attention, so a couple more questions were left unanswered.  I’ll try for more later today.  We thank Aaron Webber for the time spent taking questions so far.