Sonic Generations Ending Medley Mined from Latest Demo

Sonic Generations Ending Medley Mined from Latest Demo

by October 18, 2011

That Didn’t Take Long

One would think after the data dump that resulted from the first demo release of Sonic Generations being mined, Sega would be a little more careful with what they included with this afternoon’s release.

That does not appear to be case, as it only took a couple hours for the more astute data miners among us to pry the game’s ending medley from the second demo.  It is long–more than seven minutes in all–but all the music is in the clear, including pieces from Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary.  You’ll also notice tracks from Seaside Hill and Planet Wisp among others only receive slight variations upon their original themes.

Prepare to be spoiled by clicking the video below.  Though it can certainly be argued Sega needs a little better internal quality control on matters like this, we must warn this story can and probably will be subject to our Sensitive Materials Policy, despite the demo being free.  Enjoy it while you can.