First Sonic Generations Reviews Go Live

First Sonic Generations Reviews Go Live

by October 24, 2011

Positive impressions inside

Firstly, look away right now if you want to stay fresh. Spoilers are ahead.

That’s right – reviews are coming in for Sonic Generations! Courtesy of German publications and 360 Live, we can now begin to get a good idea of how Sonic Team’s latest title is shaping up.

Of course spoilers are ahead, so for that reason I won’t delve into the details. You can find the Videogamezone review here (translated for non-German speakers). Below are the mains points from the 360 Live review, courtesy of Sonic Stadium:

A couple days ago, I bought a magazine with the first German review. There’s a bit of kinda-new information in it, but first the score and and Pros and Cons.
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Controls: 8
Total: 8.5 of 10

-Fast paced
-Lot’s of unlockables
-Different paths
-Completely dubbed in German with the professional Sonic X actors

-The approximately 30 frames per second slightly slow the pace of the game
-Few Boss fights
-Camera ocassionally unreasonable
-Loading times could be shorter
Unlockables: 14 character biographies, 50 pieces of music, 130 concept-arts and 13 videos
A few skills: Run faster under water, lower loss of speed while going up slopes and 8 more
Sonic 1 will cost 7777 points
Chaos Emeralds seem to be obtained from bosses: “(…) Or the fight with Metal Sonic to get one of the seven magical Emerald-Crystals (lol)”

Main game (9 Zones, 18 acts) will take about 4 hours, adding missions, Emeralds etc, 3 more. Not sure if this means collecting the Emeralds has nothing to do with the story. Might be that you have to recollect them to use SS in stages. But I dunn

And there’s a bit on the CE. The statue is 15cm and the ring is about 4 cm in diameter.