UPDATE: Inside the Sonic Generations of Skate Event

UPDATE: Inside the Sonic Generations of Skate Event

by October 25, 2011

Shayne Edwards Reports from Venice Beach, CA

Special correspondent Shayne Edwards of SonicRadio.net went to the Sonic Generations of Skate event in Venice Beach, California on Saturday, and filed this report via the SonicRadio.net website. What follows is a near complete re-publication of that story.


The Event

Sonic Generations of Skate was INCREDIBLE. We got a chance to play the City Escape demo, got some tips from Aaron “Rubyeclipse” Webber about the upcoming game, and got to see TONY FREAKIN’ HAWK in action!!! We even got to see SONIC himself! And we got the pics to prove it. (A few are in the gallery below. -T) Sonic and Aaron were both interviewed by reporters from TMZ and MTV.

It was a fairly overcast day, kinda cold…it got colder in the late afternoon. The marine layer would just not go away! There was a bit of concern because of the marine layer, including condensation buildup on the halfpipe. Workers had to keep the pipe blow-dried, and the competition started late as a result. They also had to hurry towards the end.

Twelve pro skaters were in the competition, four from three generations of skaters, the 40-somethings (Generation 1), the 30-somethings (Generation 2), and the 20-somethings (Generation 3). Mitchie Brusco, part of Generation 3, is actually only 14! They were divided into four teams, each team having a representation from the three generations. Team 1 consisted of Steve Caballero, Pierre Luc Gagnon and Elliot Sloan, Team 2 consisted of Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald and Brusco, Team 3 consisted of Sergie Ventura, Lincoln Ueda and Adam Taylor, and Team 4 consisted of Kevin Staab, Sandro Dias and Paul-Luc Ronchetti.

The four parts of the competition were “Individual Runs”, in which everyone had 30 seconds to do their run, “Highest Air”, in which everyone had to try and get up as high as possible, “Doubles Run” in which teams had 15 minutes to work together for the best routine, and finally “Best Trick”, in which everyone had 30 minutes to pull off the best trick. Doubles is used loosely here, most of them decided to go triple.

During the “Doubles Run”, Hawk, Macdonald and Brusco pulled off a simultaneous triple 700. During the “Best Trick”, Sandro Diaz pulled off an amazing 900!

The trophy(s) were Sonic themed Skateboard trophies.


The Demo

Tidbits I learned about the game; City Escape will be of a higher difficulty in the final game. Considering it’s a later level, I get why this is. If you dislike those nasty pits, we were advised to to on the option to warn us of upcoming pits (and they can be turned off for those who don’t want it!).

Music for the Casino Nights DLC, we learned, is indeed done by a jazz band style. (This should of been a major given, but at least we know for sure now!)

Keep an eye on City Escape for fun easter egg bits, like the Chaotix Detective Agency billboards, “Coffee Blaze” coffee house. “Chili Pup is the Hottest Dog in Town!” ad, and Missing Posters like “Missing since 1993: Mighty and Ray” “Missing: Bean and Bark”.


If you want to learn who won the event, you can click here.