Sonic Generations 3DS Street Pass Details

Sonic Generations 3DS Street Pass Details

by October 26, 2011

Share your love of Sonic with random strangers

For a while now we’ve known that Sonic Generations on the 3DS would have some kind of Street Pass functionality, but we were never quite sure what. For those of you without a 3DS, Street Pass is a way for the 3DS to share data with users that are physically close by, by broadcasting tiny snippets of data over a wireless connection. Games like Street Fighter IV 3D use it for a figure battling minigame, and the upcoming Mario Kart 7 will let you trade ghost race data with users.

As part of the recent media dump, how Sonic Generations 3DS uses Street Pass has finally been revealed via Andriasang. It seems that the game allows you to construct your own “Profile Card”, where you can provide Street Pass users with a variety of information about yourself, including how far along you are in the game, favorite Sonic characters, and more. Alternatively, you can also choose to share special missions with other users – like “Revenge”, where you are tasked with defeating a certain number of enemies before time runs out. In total, there are more than 100 missions that can be shared over Street Pass. For those of us in territories where Street Passing is a rarity, these missions can also be unlocked using 3DS Game Coins – a currency earned by using your 3DS as a pedometer.

I’m a little bummed it’s not following Mario Kart 7‘s lead – starting with Sonic Rush, these games seem to have more and more in common with racing games, so it would make sense to trade time trial ghost data over Street Pass. Still, unlocking special missions does sound pretty clever, and a similar idea will be showing up in Super Mario 3D Land, due for release sometime next month. What do you guys think about this feature? Let us know in the comments.