UPDATE 2: Sonic Generations Street Date Broken in North America

UPDATE 2: Sonic Generations Street Date Broken in North America

by October 27, 2011

CONFIRMED: Best Buy Selling Copies Early

You just knew the plans for Sonic Generations wouldn’t be followed perfectly, and if this is not a hoax, the game will not escape the various embarrassing leaks major Sonic titles have endured in recent years.

You are looking above at a photo uploaded to Twitter by community scener Courtney Johnson, known as Ceej64.  Johnson expressed delight on Twitter when she noted the ability to buy the XBOX 360 version of Sonic Generations at a Dallas, Texas area Best Buy…no questions asked.

“Cant believe I just bought Sonic Generations at Best Buy!” Johnson tweeted.

That preceded a full photo of the box art with Best Buy packaging behind.  It’s not clear if competing stores in the area or other Best Buy outlets will be following suit.  As to how Sega may feel if this is legitimate, one can only imagine.

We do want to caution the possibility that this is a rather elaborate hoax, as Johnson hasn’t provided any further information about the game on her Twitter feed since.  You may remember how so many were caught off guard with the news over the weekend that Generations for Steam had been leaked; that turned out to be proven false.  We’ll keep track of things here and do a little investigating of our own to see if this leak is truly bigger than Texas.

UPDATE: Johnson is live-Tweeting as she plays the game–with talk about how the in-game cutscenes are “poking fun at the series” among other matters, so this looks almost certain to be a legitimate broken street date now.

2ND UPDATE: This now looks like a more widepsread affair.  We have a couple reports via Twitter that California Best Buy stores have begun selling the game.  In at least one case, they are only being sold to those who pre-ordered.  We will continue to monitor developments.  If you’d like to help out, please send us a News Tip.