Destructoid’s Sterling: 8/10 for Sonic Generations

Destructoid’s Sterling: 8/10 for Sonic Generations

by October 31, 2011

“Fans tired of bad Sonic games can’t help but be impressed”

We suppose Jim Sterling won’t be getting any gifts in the mail from Sega anymore.  Destructoid’s review lead awarded Sonic Generations for consoles an 8 out of 10, calling the game, in part, “a revolutionary step forward for Sonic’s retail outings.”

Sterling was not impressed with Crisis City, Planet Wisp, and Seaside Hill, but praised much of the rest of the game, and said he preferred modern Sonic gameplay over the classic:

When Sonic Generations fails, it fails pretty horrendously. It’s frustrating to see that, even when faced with some fantastic examples of Sonic done right, Sonic Team still can’t resist doing things wrong. However, as far as recent retail titles go, this is one of the most consistently enjoyable ones released in a while. The moments of failure are significantly outweighed by genuinely fun levels and a handful of borderline thrilling sequences. Only two or three of the main stages are bad while the rest range from solid to downright glorious. They are some damn fine innings for any title.

We’ll have more review roundups as they come in.