Gamereactor: 4 / 10 for Sonic Generations

Gamereactor: 4 / 10 for Sonic Generations

by October 31, 2011

Forget Norway!

We have our first poor review of Sonic Generations, and it comes to us courtesy of Gamereactor’s Norway division, where a 4 out of 10 review apparently compares the game to past titles that have fallen short, including Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Free Riders among others.

Because the review is originally written in Norwegian, it’s easy to get something lost in translation–you can see it translated via Google here.  But it appears the piece chastises half the game–the modern Sonic portion–and scoffs off at the classic portion, saying Sonic 4 offers an equivalent experience at a lower price.  Control mechanics are also harshly criticized.

It’s not clear if this review or its score will stand across the board, as Gamereactor’s reach spans across Europe.  If it does, it’s likely to cut into that Metacritic score and offset at least some of those 8s and 8.5s to bring the average down.  We will see.