Tropical Resort Confirmed for Sonic Generations 3DS

Tropical Resort Confirmed for Sonic Generations 3DS

by October 31, 2011

Nintendo Power Shows Their True “Colors”

The latest issue of Nintendo Power has via screenshots confirmed the presence of Sonic Colors’s Tropical Resort stage for the 3DS edition of Sonic Generations.

Resort was in both editions of Colors, but for the 3DS, it appears the area will most closely resemble its Wii counterpart.  This may only leave one, perhaps two stages left in the portable version, which so far has very little representation from past portable outings.

The two screenshots in question, courtesy of GoNintendo, are in the gallery below.  Interestingly enough, Nintendo Power also claims the 3DS Generations port has been delayed, to February 2012.  Amazon today listed a March 2012 release, and that comes after Sega clarified the dates to late November.  Something may be up, and we’ll let you know if more about that if anything creeps up.  Thanks to Timothy and Sparks among others for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking Send News Tips at the top of every page.