Sega Holding Sonic Generations Time Attack Contest

Sega Holding Sonic Generations Time Attack Contest

by November 2, 2011

The Winner Can Walk Away with a 20th Anniversary Statue

Still have that second demo from Sonic Generations lying around somewhere?  You can now use it to potentially win a rare and elusive Sonic 20th anniversary statue.

The company is asking you to dig out that demo and use Modern Sonic in Green Hill Zone to achieve a target time of less than 1 minute and 50 seconds.  Have a camcorder or other recording device handy, because Sega is very specifically asking for your speed run to be shot off-screen…and not with a direct feed.  Once that video goes to YouTube, E-Mail your entry information, and see if your speed run wins.

One winner from the US or Canada, and another winner from the UK will receive a 20th anniversary statue.  (Interestingly enough, for legal purposes, Sega values the statue at $300.)  A separate winner from Mexico will be chosen, and that person will receive a prize pack consisting of the game itself, a T-shirt, hat, and buttons.  For the UK at least, it will be the fastest time that is chosen, while a random winner will be chosen domestically.

The rules for this are very specific–even convoluted–so read up on them at the Sega blogs before pursuing the contest.  Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for the contest.  But if you are, you have a rare shot at scoring that statue that is likely more valuable than Sega’s own assessment wants us to believe.