A Pair of Poor Reviews for Sonic Generations

A Pair of Poor Reviews for Sonic Generations

by November 3, 2011

Both from Outlets with Wide Reach

Those Metacritic scores are going to go down a bit with word of two subpar reviews for Sonic Generations from two major media outlets.

The first, from Joystiq.com, features a 3 out of 5 score for the game, the equivalent of a 6 out of 10.  Writer Ludwig Kietzmann was less than thrilled with the modern side of Sonic and specifically called out Crisis City, claiming it’s as buggy as the original in the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog.  Inconsistency was a theme with Keitzmann, who also saw some of it in City Escape:

Inconsistency is most frustrating when the Sonics disagree on the same environment. Chubby Sonic’s run through City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2) becomes an exciting climb up scaffolding as a giant truck barrels in and out of the screen, destroying potential platforms, whereas the less rotund Sonic gets a boring chase in which you hold down boost a lot.

The second is from recently revived Electronic Gaming Monthly, which has both a print and online component.  We’ll see if the online review is in-sync with print, but for now, all we have to go on is a 6.5 out of 10 review from EGM contributor James Pikover.  With a stinging line at the end reading “It’s as kid-friendly as Teletubbies,” Pikover cited camera issues, poor controls, a lack of originality, and…well, this:

Combine those mishaps with a very childish story—the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! might as well be playing Sonic’s friends—and aging fans won’t feel like throwing a happy birthday party for their beloved hedgehog. Generations doesn’t include those oh-so-hard—but also rewarding—moments from the classics. I didn’t once get frustrated because I made a poor choice—only when the controls were choppy in 3D levels or the game delayed button presses.

As of this article’s publication, only the Joystiq review factors into the game’s current Metacritic ranking, which is hovering around Sonic Colors levels in the mid to high 70s.  The true test will come when we get our first indication of sales, and that should happen starting next week.