Spoiler Time: Inside Sonic Generations’s Statue Room

Spoiler Time: Inside Sonic Generations’s Statue Room

by November 3, 2011

What Exactly Does Sonic Fall Into?

Because Sonic Generations saw an early release in some areas, we thought we knew all of its secrets.  We were wrong.

It turns out pressing the back button while in the collection room for 3 seconds sends Sonic downstairs…into the statue room.  Players are then prompted to enter a code, but there’s no indication how one earns them, or if this was a planned feature that was simply forgotten.

Someone, however, has finally cracked that code.  You can see in the video below what goodies are in store.  When you’re done there, click on the Youtube video and be taken to its description, where you’ll be forwarded to a list of the complete codes for the more than 50 virtual statues, found deep within the depths of the game code.