Report: Sonic Generations Sells ~170K 1st Week in NA

Report: Sonic Generations Sells ~170K 1st Week in NA

by November 7, 2011

Best Sonic Debut on Any Console since ’08

We have unofficial numbers for Sonic Generations’s launch week in North America from third party website, and they are very good, especially for a title that didn’t see a port to Wii.

The website estimates 98,748 copies of Generations were sold on XBOX 360, with another 71,127 copies sold on PS3.  Between the two, the grand total is a hair under 170,000 units sold.  Data for the digital download version was not available, but you can likely tack on a few more thousand when taking that into consideration.

The XBOX 360 number is important, as it represents the best domestic launch for any Sonic game on any system in more than three years.  One has to go back to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on Wii in 2008 to find a comparable launch figure.  Discounting side Sonic games like M&S, it may very well be the best launch for the blue hedgehog since the Sonic Adventure series and the Dreamcast era.  Furthermore, VGChartz estimates Generations for 360 was the 6th best seller in North America during last week. Both numbers are the best launch figures ever for a Sonic game on those consoles.

We should stress the numbers are independent and unofficial.  If Generations keeps up this pace, we may get more refined figures via NPD in early December.  Otherwise, the official tally won’t come until Sega Sammy’s next earnings report in early February.  But so far, so good.  We will keep bringing you the numbers week to week through the holidays, and we’ll have figures from Europe and other territories once made available.