Report: Sonic Generations Sells Less than 50K in EU/AU Debut Week

Report: Sonic Generations Sells Less than 50K in EU/AU Debut Week

by November 9, 2011

Nowhere to Go But Up?

What’s this about Europe being Sonic’s strongest sales territory?

The VGChartz estimates for all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and related territories from last week are in.  They show that combined, both console versions of Sonic Generations moved less than half the units as the XBOX 360 edition alone did in North America.

VGChartz estimates just 27,092 copies of Generations for Ps3 were sold in the EMEAA regions.  On the 360 end, VGChartz estimates 17,938 copies moved.  That if of itself is unusual as it’s a better performance than the XBOX 360 counterpart, a reversal from North American estimates.  If this were accounting for Britain alone, it would contradict the official Chart Track ranks published Monday and something would stink, but remember: we’re talking about all of Europe, plus Australia, New Zealand, and related territories where Sega does business with these figures.

To compare, the website estimated Generations on XBOX 360 alone moved more than 98,000 units in North America last week.  In all, close to 170,000 copies of the game sold in the region, compared to the estimate of just over 45,000 in Europe, according to these figures.

Aside from the usual disclaimer that these numbers are independent and unofficial, the other thing to consider is the game’s shelf life.  Remember that Generations went on sale Friday in Europe and Australia, meaning only two days of sale are being considered.  That’s compared to the five days Generations had domestically.

That said, we compared the figures, apples to apples, to other Sonic launches that similarly launched on a Friday, and the devil may lie in those details.  As an example, that ~18K figure is less than the 19,271 XBOX 360 units VGChartz says moved in Europe during the launch of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing in February, which also had a two day window its launch week there.  (PS3 EU figures for Generations beat ASR’s launch data handily, by more than 10,000 units.)  Sonic Unleashed also had the two day launch window in 2008, except in Australia.  But the website again said the XBOX 360 version fared better in comparison, to the tune of an estimated 21,432 units sold in the EMEAA territories during launch week.  (On PS3, Generations again beat Unleashed’s EU launch figures by more than 10,000 units.)

The good news is that the numbers should go up in week 2, given the opportunity of a full week to move units.  The bad news is that week 2 is this week, and this week all the attention moved to Activision, who launched Modern Warfare 3 to all consoles except for the Wii in Australia.  That could hamper the growth, both in the unofficial numbers and the official UK ranks.

We will bring you the figures and estimates from week 2 once they are made available.  In the meantime, whatever you think about the authenticity of these numbers, don’t think they lack an impact.  As of this article’s publication, Sega Sammy stock on the pink sheets is down close to four percent.