Sega Holds Fan Art Contest

Sega Holds Fan Art Contest

by November 11, 2011

Winners Get New Sonic CD, Autographed Soundtrack

Sega’s community blog announced today a new contest, in which 50 prizes will be given away in each of the major regions Sega reaches out to.  That’s 150 prizes amid the US & Canada, Europe, and Mexico.

All they’re looking for, according to the announcement, is your Sonic CD related fan art:

Fan art specifically pulled from your memories of Sonic CD, from anywhere in the game, showing off your favorite moment or the biggest moment. It’s your choice!

Five grand prize winners in each region will receive both a copy of the Christian Whitehead revised Sonic CD on either XBOX Live, Playstation Network, or Steam.  They will also receive a copy of the new 20th anniversary Sonic CD soundtrack signed by several Sonic Team staff, including Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue.  Forty five other first prize winners in each region just get the game of their choice.

There are rules, and you can read up more on them at the above link.  The most interesting one of them all is that the contest is only open to those 13 and older, which may not necessarily be enough of a cutoff for those on the younger end of that range to know the finer intricacies of Sonic CD.  The game was released in 1993, and only re-released to PC and the Sonic Gems Collection since.

The contest ends November 29th.