Sonic Generations 3DS Green Hill Playthrough

Sonic Generations 3DS Green Hill Playthrough

by November 11, 2011

No homing attacking here

With the release of the console version of Sonic Generations taking all the limelight over the past week, it’s no surprise that we’ve forgotten that the 3DS version is coming later this month. With few gameplay videos shown outside of trailers thus far, WounChannel once again provides the goods. This time, a playthrough of Classic Sonic’s Green Hill Zone.

As far as impressions go, one word will come to mind: short. The level is really, really short. Even though the impressions of Mushroom Hill seemed to suggest that the Classic levels were 1:1 recreations of the originals, Green Hill Zone on Sonic 1 was never as short as the footage in the video.

That aside, everything looks to be shaping up nicely from what we have seen. No homing attack, accurate physics – make sure to stay tuned on this one. You can check out the playthrough here.