Sonic Generations UK Sales Fall Hard in Week 2

Sonic Generations UK Sales Fall Hard in Week 2

by November 14, 2011

Official Data is Not Good

It had a full week of sale in the game last week in the UK versus the two days that made up week one.  But the official Chart Track ranks for Sonic Generations show it didn’t matter one bit; the game simply could not compete with other major fare released.

Chart Track shows the combined Generations sales dropped eleven places in the all-format to 21st.  To demonstrate how alarming that is, Mario Kart Wii, which is exclusive to Wii and is more than three and a half years old, came in just two places under at 23rd.

On the individual format charts, the news is even worse.  The XBOX 360 edition dropped 18 places to 32nd overall.  The PS3 version is out of the top 40 altogether.  It came in 21st last week.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim dominated the UK charts overall.

To compare, Sonic Colors on Wii and DS combined charted 18th in the UK its second week of sale, and actually climbed up from its first week.

Unofficial guesstimates aren’t in yet, but we’re going to guess they are ugly, given the competition.  We’ll relay those when made available.