GameSpot Review Sonic Generations

GameSpot Review Sonic Generations

by November 15, 2011

“[D]oesn’t skimp on speed or the fun”

Better late than never and, in the case of GameSpot, for the better. With Sonic Generations being out for two weeks it seemed like a review wasn’t coming, but it has. The score? 8/10.

The link to the full review is below, but GameSpot praise Sonic Team for hitting a “sweet spot” and describes switching from 2D to 3D as a “nice change”. It does seem that the hype was justified for the most part, and that despite Iizuka wanting to establish a new “standard of Sonic” (redesign or otherwise) Sonic Team have found a formula that works.

Our review is coming very soon, so in the meantime keep yourself occupied by checking out GameSpot’s review here.