Video: Vocal Tracks Purged from Sonic CD Re-Release

Video: Vocal Tracks Purged from Sonic CD Re-Release

by November 16, 2011

Another Round of Rights Issues?

Sonic Retro forumer RGamer2009 posted to Youtube a short demo of Sonic CD running at a local Gamestop kiosk.  We have it embedded below this passage.  You may notice one memorable item is missing from the demo, but you’ll have to listen closely.

You don’t hear the full rendition to Sonic ~ You Can Do Anything, one of two image themes composed for the game’s cutscenes, originally included with the Japanese and European versions.  Instead, you hear a voice-less, rather watered down replacement theme that retains the original melody.  No video yet exists to prove as much, but it is now assumed similar neutering exists for the game’s end theme, Cosmic Eternity ~ Believe in Yourself.

Christian Whitehead, who rebuilt Sonic CD from the ground up for the upcoming release in his Retro Software Development Kit, could only speculate on the Retro forums that it was a rights issue, as he didn’t know for sure.  But if that’s the case, here’s another issue you may not have thought of: Will that mean these watered down tracks make it onto next week’s Sonic CD soundtrack release in Japan?  Both image themes are listed in the track list.

Copyrights and ownership laws, of course, vary around the world.  So, depending on what that soundtrack has, we could ironically have the same sort of music switcheroo the original 1993 release endured–albeit under different circumstances and different media this time around.