UPDATE: Details Emerge from Sonic Generations 3DS Leak in Germany

UPDATE: Details Emerge from Sonic Generations 3DS Leak in Germany

by November 17, 2011

And the Buyer Has Audio–And Now Video–to Prove It

An early sale of Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS has emerged in Germany.  SSMB forumer Thigolf said this morning he was able to purchase the game from a local Gamestop retailer.

From that, numerous new details have been revealed as curious forumers continue to ask questions.  Chief among those tidbits, we’ve learned of two new bosses in-game: Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2, and Egg Emperor from Sonic Heroes.  Thigolf summed up  the rest of what he learned from playing the game quite nicely:

*The only characters in the game are Sonic, Tails, Eggman and the rivals.
*After you beat the boss (or Green Hill in the first era) youre free to choose which zone and act of the era you wanna do first.
*After you beat the rival of an era, the boss is unlocked
*The rivals are all races like Metal Sonic in Sonic CD and take part in Casino Night, Radical Highway and Tropical Resort
*In the Special Stages, you collect the orbs to get the boost and chase the emerald. You have to catch him within 1:30 min.
*Classic Sonic unlocks the homing attack after the classic era, Modern Sonic unlocks the stomp after the Dreamcast era.
*You can find the electric shields from the Advance and Rush games for Classic Sonic
*The missions cost 5 Playcoins each
Level info:
*The Whale in Classic Emerald Coast destroys the path behind you kind of like the Truck in the HD Version does
*In Modern Emerald Coast, he jumps out of the water and you have to do a little quick time event to make him crash against the wall (poor guy)
*Modern Radical Highway has lots of grinding parts on the bridge
*In Water Palace Classic Sonic needs to activate the switches to make the water pumps, that shoot you up, work (could be gramatically false, sorry) The level also has a bubble machine that creates bubbles you can jump on so you can cross holes
*The Back 2 Back remix in the Modern Level seems more funky and has more rock elements
*Classic Tropical Resort seems to be based more on the DS Version of Colors designwise, he also has the DS exclusive Red Wisp and has a Rocket Part at the end where so jump from rocket to rocket before they explode to get up
*Modern Tropical Resort is more based on the Wii Version and has the Cyan Wisp, at the end you grind on rails and you have to avoide falling meteors

About that Tropical Resort, Thigolf also uploaded an non-direct sample of how it sounds.  We have it for your review below.  Thanks to VizardJeffhog among others for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking Send News Tips at the top of every page.



UPDATE: Thigolf just released an off-camera look at Emerald Coast on the 3DS.  It is about 3 minutes in length and pretty blurry, but better than nothing.  Take a look at it below.