Cheating Uncovered in Generations Green Hill Speedrun Contest

Cheating Uncovered in Generations Green Hill Speedrun Contest

by November 21, 2011

New Winner Declared on Sega Blog

Sega today declared a new winner in the UK portion of the recently completed Green Hill Act 2 speedrun contest from the second Sonic Generations demo.  It happened after several community sceners uncovered the original UK based winner allegedly cheated.

We received several News Tips over the weekend alleging that original winner, Michael J. (under the handle hypermikey1980), in fact plagiarized a 1:41.99 speedrun belonging to scener 1stkirbyeverHypermikey1980 had privatized the contest submission, but not before it was downloaded, and a comparison video was made available with it.  That video still exists, and is available for review below.

We should note before hypermikey1980 had his win revoked, he was quick to defend the legitimacy of his submission in several areas.  Here is one such comment by him found on the Sega blog post announcing the winners:

Yes I was quite aware of the original video & I tried my hardest to replicate it exactly on my run, which is why the are “the same” but if people like you would just pay attention, you’d be able to hear my 360 control pad clicking away during my video, you’d also be able to see that I was playing my xbox on a 40″ TV & not a computer monitor & at the end of the video you can see the control pad in my hand. I understand this is a highly sough after prize (hey, that’s why I entered!) & there will be some jealous people who will accuse you of almost anything when you’ve got something that they want. But I didn’t steal a video of anyone. The original video was a great run which is why I based my run of of it. I didn’t mean any disrespect to that person. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery & as we’re in two different countries, my entry wouldn’t have affected his (had he entered) or at the very least our runs would’ve been tied.

There is a longer version of my video, showing the xbox dash & loading screens that I cut out to make my upload time faster. So if SEGA needed evidence that this run is my own, then I would provide it.  But really, I don’t need to prove anything. I won the contest fair & square & the ‘bullying’ that you’re all giving me right now, is unfair & ridiculous!

The original video’s author, 1stkirbyever, contacted several Sega representatives over the weekend seeking their help.  This afternoon, TSSZ reached out to Sega community manager Kellie Parker to also see if the company could take a second look at the results.  It appears, however, that the greater community efforts were enough.  Without much fanfare or explanation, the post was updated and declared Greg Bansgrove, with a time of 1:42.63, the UK winner.

There was some lingering concern as to whether hypermikey1980 had already received the 20th anniversary Sonic statue as a prize, since another one popped up on Ebay not too long afterward.  Some additional research shows the same seller is also auctioning off a European Generations press kit, so it’s unlikely the alleged cheater received anything.