UPDATE: New footage of Sonic CD showcases soundtrack toggle

UPDATE: New footage of Sonic CD showcases soundtrack toggle

by November 25, 2011

Will Sonic fans get to pick between their favorite?

Tristan Update 3:30PM ET: No copyright universe in the world will stop Sega…from enforcing its copyright.  The video embedded below this morning have been forced offline due to a DMCA claim from Sega of America.  It appears whoever uploaded it stole their thunder, especially since the company was previously adamant that just the JP/EU tracks would be in-game.

It’s too bad, then, that the man who helped them with the re-release in the first place, Christian Whitehead, stole their thunder anyway.  This morning on the Sonic Retro forums, the man known as The Taxman confirmed what the videos leaked:

Haha far out, not exactly sure how this was filmed and by who (PartnerNET strikes again)?

But yes, oh ye of little faith. US soundtrack is in, and also loops seamlessly like the JP version in this game.

So, that is that.  We’ve taken this out of the rumor realm and into “confirmed” territory, though how the US soundtrack will unlock remains a mystery.   For Sega, if indeed this surfaced via PartnerNET, it’s the second such leak for the company in 20 months.  We’ll bring you up to speed when we learn more.  Our original story follows below.


It seemed a little odd: After stating that the upcoming Xbox Live/Playstation Network/PC/Smartphone release of Sonic CD would not have the North American soundtrack due to “licensing issues”, a number of tracks from that very same soundtrack made appearances in Sonic Generations. Sega’s Ken Balough went on record, stating that they knew fans of the game wanted a soundtrack toggle and that they were working to get it in the game, but the implication seemed to be that it would not come until after Sonic CD had already hit the marketplace, possibly as some form of downloadable content.

It may be that Sega has sorted out the licensing issues, as footage has emerged from the Youtube user “The360Preview” showcasing what appears to be a pre-release PartnerNet version of Christian Whitehead’s Sonic CD – with an option to toggle between “US” and “JP” soundtracks.

I’m putting this in to Rumors because despite a name like “The360Preview” sounding like some Xbox-focused news/reviews/previews site you’ve never heard of, this Youtube account does not appear to be affiliated with anything at all. “The360Preview” has merely three uploads total, and all of them are videos purporting to be of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic CD. It would appear this account was registered exclusively for the purpose of uploading video of Sonic CD.

While this being the real deal is certainly not out of the realm of possibility, the Sonic community plays host to a group of generally talented hoaxers, so while I personally am leaning towards this being legitimate, it’s worth tapering one’s expectations – we’ve already had one person in the comments of a TSSZ article claim to have a pre-release copy of Sonic CD, only to later admit it was only a “mock up”. Better to be safe than sorry, and all that.

And on the likely possibility that these videos are real, it’s also worth keeping in mind that it would still be pre-release software; the option for toggling between the two different soundtracks could simply exist for debugging purposes and may be removed before Sonic CD sees official release.

Further updates as they happen!