Report: Sonic Generations 3DS Launch Sales in NA Close to 70K

Report: Sonic Generations 3DS Launch Sales in NA Close to 70K

by December 1, 2011

Better than Colors, But Buoyed by Black Friday

The independent website estimates some 68,832 copies of Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS were sold last week in North America.  The number is unofficial.

It is Sonic’s first proper outing on the 3DS, which makes an apples to apples comparison difficult.  But this number is more than double that of the VGChartz launch week estimate for Sonic Colors on the DS, which was released last November.  The difference is that Colors didn’t have the benefit of Black Friday during its launch week, while Generations did.

Also of note, the number is fairly close to the more than 71,000 Generations copies sold on the PS3 when it launched at the beginning of November, so it’s clear the 3DS version will be able to hold its own through the Holidays, and may be one of a couple handheld titles to give the 3DS itself some life this Holiday season.

European estimates are not available as of this article’s publication, but we already know all Generations sales bumped up in the UK with the 3DS debut, so they should be pretty good.  How well Generations 3DS can retain sales, especially versus its console counterparts, will be the big thing to watch for in the coming weeks.  We’ll keep providing the estimates as they come in.