Wife of Longtime Knuckles VA Dies Suddenly

Wife of Longtime Knuckles VA Dies Suddenly

by December 1, 2011

Friends Seek Moral, Monetary Support for Family

We have sad news to pass along.  Dan Green, employed with 4Kids Entertainment and best known in this community for voicing Knuckles in Sonic X and several Sonic video games until last year, is mourning the loss of his wife, who died while giving birth to twins last Friday.

“Michal Lura Friedman lost her life on Friday, November 25, 2011 in New York City, due to complications from a c-section shortly after delivering very healthy twins, Jackson James and Reverie Vivian Snyder,” read a statement on a support page set up by friends and family to help support the newborns.  “For those of you who never met her, Michal was a beautiful, talented woman who was thrilled to be pregnant with her first children. Many of you know “Michal the Girl” as a musician, but her greatest dream was to be a mother.”

Memorial services for Friedman were held yesterday.

While he has been comforted in this difficult time by the constant love and support of his family and friends, we, his fellow actors, realize that as the voice of Yu-Gi-Oh and countless other characters, Dan has built a huge network of fans around the world,” said a statement from a second support page for Green setup by Mike Pollock, a colleague of Green’s, and best known for his role voicing Eggman in Sonic games and TV for many years.  “We felt it would be fitting to let those of you who may know Dan only by his voice share your thoughts and, if you wish, your financial and material support with him and his kids as they struggle to rebuild their lives together.”

On both pages, there are areas to make donations.  What is collected will go to Green and his family to support the twins, Jackson and Reverie, who will never truly know their mother.  On the latter page setup by Pollock, you can also afford your thoughts and well wishes. Paypal is accepted on both sites.