Video: Time Freeze Exploit Found in Sonic Generations

Video: Time Freeze Exploit Found in Sonic Generations

by December 6, 2011

Cumbersome, But Possibly Problematic

To this point, the online leaderboards for the console versions of Sonic Generations have remained mostly problem-free.

That could change, however, at least on the Playstation 3, on which the video we’re about to show you below was recorded.  It comes from Youtuber DarkspinesSonic, who says the exploit, while quite monotonous, can freeze the timer during gameplay all the way to the end of the stage:

So apparently if you pause immediately after unpausing in Sonic Generations, you move but the timer doesn’t. Whenever you bring up the PS3 Crossbar menu, the game is automatically paused. Therefore, if you press the PS button after unpausing, you’ll always do a frame perfect pause.

For those patient enough to try it, the glitch could wreak havoc on presently pristine console leaderboards.  Reports suggest an update to Generations was released today, but it did not appear to fix the issue.  We’ll keep you updated as to whether Sega plans to address the matter before it potentially ruins the ranking experience for many players.