Generations’s Casino Night DLC Coming to Steam

Generations’s Casino Night DLC Coming to Steam

by December 7, 2011

A Late Xmas Gift for PC Players

This morning, Sega announced via their official blog that owners of Sonic Generations digitially via Steam can enjoy the Casino Night DLC beginning the day after Christmas, at a reasonable price.

Said the announcement, apparently unaware the holiday falls on the 25th, “This gives players a pinball mini game, set in the Casino Night stage, to enjoy alongside the main game. It would certainly make a perfect little stocking filler for Christmas!”

The DLC will go live everywhere the same day.  It will cost $1.99 in the United States, £0.99 in the UK, €1.59 in the rest of the Euro zone, and $2.99 in Australia.  No guidance was given as to when the DLC may drop for home console orders who didn’t pre-order the game.  Thanks to Shark who tipped us via E-Mail, an AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.