Inside Ted Poley’s “Escape from the City” Generations Recording Session

Inside Ted Poley’s “Escape from the City” Generations Recording Session

by December 7, 2011

What it Takes to Get a Take Right

This morning, rock artist Ted Poley, behind the vocals for Sonic Adventure 2’s Escape from the City, released video inside the recording booth as he re-recorded the classic Sonic tune for the recently released Sonic Generations.

If nothing else, it’s the song you know and love presented a bit more a capella, though you can hear bits of the music track in the background.  But keep listening, and you’ll realize the recording is a slightly alternate take from what ultimately made it in the game.  Poley explains most of this session, the final session, made the cut:

It’s not as easy as it looks, it took many hours to prep and rehearse so that I could nail it in the studio while the clock was ticking, plus, I wrote the lyrics so i was very familiar with the song….this gives a rare behind the scenes look at what it takes to get it right, this was the final take so there are some other vocals already on the track that you will hear leaking out from my headphones.

In releasing this rare behind the scenes look, Poley says he would one day like to jam with Jun Senoue in Japan and perform the Sonic tunes he wrote live.

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