UPDATE: Fleetway Sonic Comic to be Re-Issued?

UPDATE: Fleetway Sonic Comic to be Re-Issued?

by December 8, 2011

Take-Down Notice Yields Noteworthy Motive

Despite no new official issue since 2002, the Fleetway published Sonic the Comic still elicits fond memories for those in the UK who read it.  But if a post by the webmaster Joe Shoemaker of The Sonic Zone is any indication, a new generation of readers may soon be able to enjoy the series.

“I was recently contacted by SEGA regarding Egmont-Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic,” Shoemaker wrote.  “Apparently, the comics are going to be republished in the near future!”

That appears to be the best indication from a takedown notice TSZ received regarding its own republication of the Fleetway comics.  Those back issues have been removed from the website.

“Keeping them on here would hurt the sales of the comics when they are reprinted,” Shoemaker wrote.

There is no clear indication when republication will begin, how it will be done, or if circulation will be limited to the UK.  When we know more, we’ll let you know.  In the meantime, the website will continue offering back issues to Archie comics, despite recent compilations that re-issue those comics as well.

UPDATE: If you need any more assurance this may be the start of something big, a second update on The Sonic Zone today should do the trick. It apparently followed a second Sega E-Mail to Shoemaker telling him to keep quiet, and the above remarks on the website have been removed:

For those of you who saw my previous post about Sonic the Comic, I have been asked to remove it by SEGA. I cannot say anymore on the subject at this time. All will be revealed soon.

The bottom line: With all the secrecy, expect a Fleetway related announcement in due course.