Sonic 4: Episode 2 Rating Spotted in South Korea

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Rating Spotted in South Korea

by December 9, 2011

Is the Game Already Close to Completion?

GoNintendo has spotted the first classification for Sonic 4: Episode 2 in the wild.

It comes from South Korea’s Game Rating board.  It would appear the registration is recent; as the listing cites today’s date. No further information can be derived from the listing.

There have been murmurs that news for Episode 2 would come soon after Sonic CD‘s release.  To be sure, Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough has been teasing Sega forumers with A-of-As, but little else is known about the game right now.  But with a rating before a formal announcement, one has to wonder if the game is much farther along than many believed.  We’ll let you know anything more that creeps up.  Thanks to Shaun Riley who tipped us on Twitter, among others who elected to click Send Tips at the top of every page here.