Video: Sega Releases Sonic CD Developer Diary

Video: Sega Releases Sonic CD Developer Diary

by December 13, 2011

Inside the Mind of Kazuyuki Hoshino

On Monday evening, without saying much on their blog about its widely publicized released for PSN, Sega instead released a developer diary to plug the upcoming re-release of Sonic CD.

The video clip, which is relayed below, focuses on art director Kazuyuki Hoshino and the work he contributed to the game. Hoshino goes into a fair bit of artistic and philosophical detail behind both Metal Sonic and Amy Rose’s roles as characters, as well as the general design behind stages, boss machines, and Sonic himself.

If you’re an art student or fan art aficionado, this is well worth your time. Take a look. That aside, Sega continues to remain coy and claim nothing’s official yet about Sonic CD‘s release–even as the year continues to dwindle. So, either Sega gave Sony a tentative date too early, or the company is taking a page out of its Sonic 4 book and will play games until the very last minute. We’ll find out which one it is soon enough.