Sonic CD Already in Top 25 iOS Paid, Grossing Apps

Sonic CD Already in Top 25 iOS Paid, Grossing Apps

by December 15, 2011

Is it Selling Better than Sonic 4’s 1st Day?  Depends

The iOS re-release of Sonic CD has in most countries not been on the App Store for more than a day.  But already, the game is climbing toward the top of the iOS paid app charts.

As of this article’s publication, the game is #11 on the Top Paid apps within iTunes.  Among the Top Grossing charts, it stands at #21, also as of this article’s publication.  In the former, SCD has steadily been climbing from the low 20s and then high teens all day today.

To put this in perspective, it may be helpful to look back on the first day of sale for Sonic 4: Episode I on iOS.  That game had an average four star rating among reviews; SCD at this moment has a perfect score among its more than 260 reviewsthus far.  But after 24 hours of sale, Sonic 4 stood second in the Top Grossing category, perhaps due to its $10 price point at the time.  However, in Top Paid, the game was just 16th after a day; SCD has the edge here.  Ultimately, how you compare this to the last major Sonic release on iOS depends on what number you want to look at and believe.

The question now is whether SCD can maintain these strong sales once its price increases, whereas Sonic 4 needed a price drop in short order to shake things up.  It will be interesting to see the charts evolve over the coming days and weeks.  We’ll let you know anything noteworthy.