Sonic CD Sales Dip on iOS at Full Price

Sonic CD Sales Dip on iOS at Full Price

by December 20, 2011

$4.99 for Only a Day Before Discount Returns

It was quite exciting to see Sonic CD quickly climb the iOS sales charts over the weekend.  It topped the iPad paid charts for a time, and came really close on the rest of the iOS platforms.

The game may have had a chance, too, if the price hike hadn’t kicked in.

While Sega had discounted a wide array of other iOS fare for the Holidays, the introductory price on SCD expired Sunday night.  The $4.99 price kicked in, and new customers on the platform became increasingly hard to come by.  Once 3rd and 6th respectively over the weekend, the game as of Monday night was 8th on the top paid apps, and 11th in the top grossing category.  That’s still not bad, but given SCD’s quick rise to the top, some consistency would be better.

That may be way the $1.99 price point returned late Monday night without rhyme or reason–in fact, this story was originally written when the $4.99 price point was still in effect.  Sega very well may have shot themselves in the foot at first–especially as it initially didn’t appear that SCD would get the same deep discount as, say, Sonic 4: Episode I will get during the final weeks of the year–so the quick discount may allow mobile consumers to reconsider their initial pass.  How quickly SCD can recover in the ranks in light of today’s push remains to be seen.