Source: Sonic 4: Episode II ‘considerably improved’

Source: Sonic 4: Episode II ‘considerably improved’

by December 21, 2011

‘Two key areas have changed’

SEGABits’s report on a leak of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II has provoked lots of responses already in the community, which is unsurprising considering history seems to be repeating itself regarding gameplay issues and fan response. However, TSSZ News can reveal information which largely contradicts what SEGABits have been reporting.

First, we have heard that the big change in the game regards the physics. We have been told directly that the game has better physics than Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations, with the inconsistencies in Sonic’s momentum not appearing at all. Whether the PartnerNet version of Episode II is an earlier build cannot be determined at this point but, if our source is correct (and it has been in the past), then one would assume so.

Second, our source has told us that Episode II‘s presentation has been iterated: the game now has less of a ‘glossy’ feel. Outside of this, we have no word on whether anything else related to the style of the game has changed.

This is the only information we were told about by our source. We have no word on gameplay mechanics (yet), whether level design is less automated, or what zones are going to feature. The only additional piece of information that we know of is that the musical direction is the same as Episode I.

SEGA of America’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough has already teased us on an official reveal for Episode II, so it seems the wait on concrete information for the next episode of Sonic 4 is finally over. As always, stay tuned to TSSZ for news on when more concrete information is revealed.