UPDATE: S4E2 Cryptic Clock Rumor Fake

UPDATE: S4E2 Cryptic Clock Rumor Fake

by December 21, 2011

Hold the Phone; Balough Clarifies “Grade-A Baloney”

We said we would check our sources to see if any of the previous information SEGAbits disseminated held up, and it appears some of it does not.  TSSZ has now learned through more than one source that this afternoon’s publication concerning Cryptic Clock Zone being the first stage in Sonic 4: Episode 2 is false.

For corroboration, we are able to cite one news tipster, Jak Saward.  He alleges Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough contacted him privately upon his inquiry, and stated the information Segabits revealed this afternoon is inaccurate.

“I just got a PM from Ken on the Sega Forums and it said the first stage is NOT named Cryptic Clock,” says the tip in part.  Saward has posted this information elsewhere, including as a comment on the original SEGAbits story.  A screen cap of the conversation has been provided to us to verify accuracy.

We want to be careful with what we’re reporting; this doesn’t necessarily mean Cryptic Clock existing as a stage is false.  This may only mean it’s not the first stage.

UPDATE: But now, we can confirm there is no Cryptic Clock at all, as Ken Balough did so on Sega forums a moment ago.

“It’s true – Stage 1, or any stage for that matter, being called Cryptic Clock is ‘Grade-A baloney,’ ” Balough said.

So, that is that. Due to this level of corroboration, we have retracted the previous story citing Segabits’s information.  Our team is also working to confirm some more details regarding this game ahead of what may be a reveal next week, if Balough’s hint has anything to say about it.  We are also now working on a story that may warrant retraction of the original physics story from Segabits from last night as well.  Stand by for anything more.