Inside the Pages: Sonic Universe #35

Inside the Pages: Sonic Universe #35

by December 27, 2011

Beginning the Attack from Above

This week, fans of the Archie Sonic comics should begin seeing the latest edition of Sonic Universe creep up among more widespread outlets.

Issue 35 marks part three of the four part Babylon Rising series.  The issue marks the beginning of a Babylon Rogue – Battle Bird Armada alliance, as they descend on Mobotropolis.  Tracy Yardley penned the script.  He also handled some art and cover duties.  Matt Herms also helped with the cover.  Jim Amash, Steve Downer and Jack Morelli contribute elsewhere with art.

The cover and first five pages of Sonic Universe issue 35 follow the formal synopsis.

“Babylon” Part Three: The Babylon Rogues and the Battle Bird Armada – united?! And why is this fowl allegiance moving in to attack New Mobotropolis when they’re really searching for the fabled Babylon Garden? The skies erupt in battle as Sonic and Jet finally have their rematch! The surprises keep coming right through to the shocking final assault!