Pollock “Re-Hired,” Not Necessarily Retained, for Eggman VA

Pollock “Re-Hired,” Not Necessarily Retained, for Eggman VA

by January 2, 2012

It’s Not Easy Being the Voice of Evil

When Sega overhauled its voice actor lineup for the Sonic series in 2010, and replaced Jason Griffith with Roger Craig Smith, many were relieved to hear that Mike Pollock, the voice behind Eggman, would be carried over to the new crew.  Pollock’s voice by that point was a reliable one; he had been the voice of the evil doctor since Sonic X debuted in 2003.

But it turns out Pollock’s retention wasn’t as easy as most believed it to be.  On Friday via a Sonic Facebook group, Pollock disclosed that when the changeover occurred, he had to re-audition for the spot; in effect re-applying for a job he otherwise would have lost with the rest of the old VAs.

“[That’s] not completely accurate,” Pollock said, responding to a remark claiming Pollock hadn’t been fired in the changeover.  “I had to re-audition and was subsequently re-hired.”

Pollock goes on, very self-aware of his position and the perils of it.

“I’m just a freelance voice talent, hired or fired at the whim of whatever producer I’m working for,” Pollock said.

For many actors, voice or otherwise, that is the nature of their work.  Talent can be dropped at the drop of a hat.  For Eggman fans, they should feel fortunate that, while not automatic, there remains a familiar voice behind the face of evil in Sonic’s world.  Thanks to 8-bit for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking Send News Tips at the top of every page.